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Usage: $dll(Scroller.dll,1,Message,Size#Mode#Padding#WaitTime)

Copy scroller.dll and scroller.dll.config in your LCDSmartie plugin directory.


Scrolls a user defined message in LCDSmartie. Can also be used if only a part of your line should scroll.
Available Modes:

1 - Normal Scrolling: Normal scrolling, similar to the one from LCDSmartie. The nice thing is that the scrolling starts from the beginning if the message changes and you can use padding characters.

2 - Scroll 'n' Stop: The message is scrolled once and then stops. Scrolling is started again once the message has changed.

3 - Scroll 'n' Wait: The message is scrolled and then pauses for a specified amount of cycles. A cycle is the time when LCDSmartie will check the plugin the next time. Default is currently 500ms.

This means if you leave the Refresh Interval (defined in the main LCDSmartie.exe.config) at 500ms and set WaitTime to 10, the message will be scrolled completely, then a pause of about 5 second will occur and scrolling will start from the beginning again.

Message Can be any message that you want to display. It will only scroll if the message is shorter than then the scroll size you specify

Scrolling size.


1 - Normal Scrolling (default)
2 - Scroll 'n' Stop
3 - Scroll 'n' Hold


Anything entered here will be added after your message.
Use it if you want to have a separator between the end and the beginning of your message when scrolling.


When using mode 3 it specifies the amount of cycles the plugin will wait until it starts scrolling again

Important: Because of the way this plugin in written, you have to use different functions for every scrolling text item you use in a screen!

Ex. $dll(Scroller.dll,1,Message,Size#Mode#Padding#WaitTime) for your first message
$dll(Scroller.dll,2,Message,Size#Mode#Padding#WaitTime) for your second message

Cycle-Time and Scrolling Speed are defined via the Scroller.RefreshInt-Value in lcdsmartie.exe.config. You will have to open it (located in the main LCDSmartie-Folder) and add the values shown below (only the coloured part) right beneath the <configuration> line. Change the value if you want faster or slower scrolling. Also check that LCDSmarties "Refresh Interval" is set to at least the same value.


  <add key="Scroller.RefreshInt" value="500"/>

<startup useLegacyV2RuntimeActivationPolicy="true">


- I've also included a sample lcdsmartie.exe.config in the download
- Scrolling always starts from the beginning when the message is changed
- Messages do not scroll if they are shorter then the size you defined
- Parameters are separated with '#'

$dll(Scroller.dll,1,Your long message,16#3# - #8)

Your long message is scrolled with a waiting time of about 4 seconds (8 cycles) before starting to scroll again. The message is separated with " - ".

$dll(Scroller.dll,1,1. Good Song (Good Artist),10#2# )

Your message is scrolled only once and will be scrolled the next time when it changes. The message will be padded with an empty space. I use this function most of the time with Media-Title information.



I wrote this plugin (and more plugins to come) in my free time. If you like my plugins, it would be nice if you would buy me a beer.

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